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Get Paid to Get Rid of Your Junky Car

Do you have a junk car that you need to get rid of? Need some quick cash? You’re in luck because we give cash for junk cars in San Marcos

If you have had that same old clunker in your driveway or garage collecting dust and dirt, it’s time to get rid of it. It's taking up precious space! The best part about this business is that we will pay you to get rid of it. And, it's easy.

Getting rid of your used car should be a pinch. With Cash For Cars in San Marcos, it is. We make it a seamless process, so you don’t have to go through any hassle. We are so fast that we can get the whole process done in one day!

Running or Not, We Can Take It All:

  • ● Cars that don’t run
  • ● Used cars
  • ● New cars
  • ● Junk cars
  • ● Damaged cars
  • ● Cars in as-is condition
  • ● Cars that don’t pass emissions
  • ● Cars with salvage titles

Sound like you could use the help? Call us and we can start — and finish, today.

Goodbye Clunker Hello Cash

Your old car is probably worth more than you think, but also probably causes you nothing but problems. That’s where we come in. Whether that old car has been sitting somewhere for years or you’re looking to upgrade, we will take it off your hands. Don’t let it take up any more space and don't let it stress you out. Give us a call and one of our agents in San Marcos can evaluate and give you a quote quickly.

How Is Cash For Cars different From Others?

One of the best things about Cash for Cars in San Marcos is that it's convenient. You don’t even have to get out of your seat. We are a phone call away and we can give you an estimate right then and there over the phone. We can even schedule towing the same day too. We come right to you and put the cash in your hand.

A lot of other car businesses turn you away if your car is damaged or doesn’t run. It is more difficult to sell to an individual buyer and oftentimes you can get scammed. Avoid that hassle and work with us. It's one phone call and a lot of cash. Junk yards and classified sites won't have the same seamless process as we do. We go the extra miles for our San Marcos clients and can give a price immediately.

No Cash? No Problem — We Can Pay You For Your Junk Car in San Marcos!

Get that old thing out of your driveway, lawn or wherever it's been collecting dust or critters, with Cash for Cars in San Marcos. We are a local business that helps people rid their driveways and garages of unwanted cars to free up precious space for their everyday cars.

Call us at 000-000-0000 Give us the make, model and condition of your car We pay you for your car and take it off your hands! It doesn’t get easier than that!

I’m New to This Whole Car Selling Business…

That’s great! We guarantee that it is straightforward and easy! Speak with an agent directly and get your used car situation taken care of. Even if you haven't had the car for long, we will walk you through it. We are professionals who do this for a living. We promise it isn't complicated, we take care of your car and you walk away with cash in hand. No other junk yard in San Marcos will be easy to work with like we are.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  • ● Call us to speak with an agent and provide the details of your vehicle
  • ● We give you a free estimate over the phone, or sign a contract to get an instant price
  • ● Once the price is accepted, we come to you and put cash in your hand
  • ● Towing is scheduled for same day pick up

Why Work With Us?

We are not your average junk car removal service. Buying cars is our specialty. We’re so good, we can get this whole deal done quickly and efficiently. We are the only place in San Marcos that can give you the best deal for your car. We buy cars in San Marcos because we are experts in junk car removal and we guarantee satisfaction, it's kind of our thing.

  • ● No negotiations
  • ● No salesman
  • ● No hidden fees
  • ● No long process
  • ● No hassle

Instead of selling to a private party, avoid getting scammed at a random junk yard in San Marcos.

Since we are local, we know the community, the people and all of their car related needs. We are in the car business to help you. We are experts in all things cars and always give an accurate quote. We know your time is valuable so that’s why we made this a quick, frictionless trade.