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Sometimes half the struggle of getting a new car, can be selling the old one.

The process of selling a car can be exhausting, it’s not as simple as just posting online or in a newspaper anymore. There are online car reports to pay for, and internet classifieds are overloaded with people trying to sell cars. If you even show up, there is a lot of competition out there with people trying to make an extra dollar. Sometimes, it’s easier to just keep the old one then to sell it.

If selling your car has been halting, you from getting something new. Cash For Cars of Poway can quickly and easily solve your problem. We buy cars in Poway in 24 hours or less!

Take away the headaches of posting on internet classified sites!

How many hours have been wasted on taking pictures of your car and uploading them onto the internet? Creating internet ads that are honest but also sell. Phone calls and text messages from potential buyers can get overwhelming. Waiting around parking lots of Poway around while someone test drives your car is time consuming and now more than ever it can feel unsafe meeting strangers.

Cash For Cars has been in business since 2004 and has purchased over 10 thousand cars in that almost 15 years! They are licensed and insured. This means there is no waiting around in parking lots, no need to give your address to strangers. No risks of them test driving your car! Cash For Cars has brought a huge service to Poway!

How this all works

First you head on over to our website. Here you will fill out a simple form, and we will give you a quote within minutes! If you need faster service, you can call! Cash For Cars of Poway will provide you with the highest cash offer.

If the price works for you, schedule a time that works for you, you won’t pay for a tow. Cash For Cars covers all costs and picks up. Once the offer is made, the vehicle will be removed within 24 hours.

Don’t search for a junk yard in Poway, but Cash For Cars is the safest and most convenient.

Calling around to junkyards, figuring out legal issues, and tow companies. Junk car removal isn’t always as simple as a phone call… or is it? Right here in Poway, with just that your unsightly, junk, or wrecked vehicle can be gone from your yard in 245 hours and turned into cash in your pocket!

That car that your husband has had in the garage since your college graduate was in diapers. Why not take a trip somewhere and make some room in there? Poway now has an option, forget the repairs! Classics, convertibles, collectables no matter the year, Cash For Cars of Poway will get it out of there!

And if you have other vehicles in the way….

Has that dream boat that has turned into more of a money pit than a relaxing place to take a sail on the lake? Sure! They will take that too! Give Cash For Cars of Poway a call! While you are at it, ask about your motorcycle and truck too! If you have a vehicle taking up space just give Cash For Cars a call, there is nothing to lose here! Save time, money and make room for that garden!

No trip to the DMV required!

Don’t have a smog certificate? The DMV paperwork is all handled by Cash for Cars. Even if you have a lapsed registration, a salvaged, lost or stolen title. You don’t have to worry about getting a phone call or letter from the DMV later. Cash For Cars makes sure everything is handled so no surprises come up.

We will take over your balance!

That’s right! So long as the car is worth more than the balance due on the car. Cash For Cars will locate the lender to verify a 10-day payoff amount. Once the payoff is sent to the lender Cash For Cars will send out the final payment. No phone calls or trips needed by you.

Cash For Cars of Poway removes your cars, and the stress involved with junk cars.

During times like these, the last thing anybody needs is to add more stress, bills or contact with people into their lives. Cash For Cars of Poway is the easiest way to sell your used, or junk car. Everything about the process from calling to receive a quote to the pickup and removal of the car, even payment is seamless.

Unsightly cars don’t need not be a problem! Just give Cash For Cars of Poway a call or visit the website so that we can put some much-needed cash in your pocket today!